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Attentive: A Preventative Care Management Company

Attentive is a wellness company that was the first company to structure a participatory wellness program that shows verified results and is combined with an opportunity to use tax savings for purchasing supplemental insurance products. The Attentive Preventative Care Management Program helps employers make informed decisions about the significance of costs and loss of productivity due to illness and lack of physical health in the workforce.

It is also a critical new tool for retaining and attracting employees. It provides employees with programs that enable them to become healthier and more educated about the health decisions they make on a daily basis. It is a superior preventative care management program that offers medical care to employees with the ability to buy valuable voluntary supplemental benefits through Combined Insurance, another Bearing Advisors’ partner, without lowering their take-home pay.

Bearing Advisors identifies and brings innovative solutions to local governments either working in an advisory capacity with companies or taking a direct role in the delivery of those programs. It is pleased to actively partner with Attentive to bring this exciting new solution that motivates employees to be accountable for their health and reduces employer health care costs.

Learn more about the Attentive Preventative Care Management Program.

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