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What We Stand For

At Bearing Advisors, we work each day to utilize our unique collective skill sets to create the best results for our clients and government. At the center of our value system is the highest degree of honesty and integrity in all we do, and we believe that our expertise absent integrity is without value. We believe that transparency is key to integrity. We believe that diverse viewpoints expand our knowledge and strengthen our foundation. We believe in mutual respect for all those that we come into contact with.

We only work with businesses that we are confident will meet our business standards and adhere to our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

It is the policy of Bearing Advisors, LLC (“BA”) to maintain and to enforce the highest standards of integrity in all its business activities. In this regard, as its employees, officers, members, directors, and agents, we strive to conduct our business in strict compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, and rules and regulations so that we may always be regarded as an ethical organization of dedicated individuals with high integrity and credibility. The provisions of this Code of Ethics and Conduct establish guidelines and policies aimed at avoiding circumstances that could lead to even the slightest appearance of impropriety in our business actions.

To ensure continuing attention to matters of ethics and standards on the part of all employees, officers, members, directors and agents of the Company, this Code of Ethics and Conduct represents a written extension of the personal integrity typically exhibited by persons who have complied with our policy to protect interests of BA, its owners, and those with whom we do business.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for our actions. It is intended, therefore, that all employees, officers, members, directors, and agents of BA be aware of this Code of Ethics and Conduct since good business practice dictates that suspected dishonest or unlawful activity be promptly identified and investigated. Moreover, it is expected that all such persons will exercise the highest level of integrity and judgment in all business matters. You are required to read and to become familiar with this Code of Ethics and Conduct and agree to abide by the Code.

Philip E. Riley, Jr.
Managing Director
On behalf of Bearing Advisors, LLC Members