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Duke’s Root Control, Inc. (Duke’s) is a nationwide service provider whose business is rooted in innovation and has been solving underground infrastructure system challenges for over 80 years. As the leader in effective and environmentally safe chemical root control with its U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized chemistry, Duke’s has treated over 400 million feet of sewer lines, with an experienced team of employees and for thousands of valued municipal and utility customers. In recent years, Duke’s expanded its offerings to include critical inspection and assessment services for underground infrastructure, including water, sewer, and gas.

Duke’s innovative technology solutions transition clients’ operations and maintenance programs from reactive to proactive by identifying and pinpointing critical defects and capacity problems. Duke’s 360 Smart Water Strategy helps municipalities triage, diagnose, renew, and monitor their water, wastewater, and storm systems. Data collection and analysis provide actionable information that identifies infiltration and inflow, overflows, blockages, and more.

Headquartered in Elgin, IL, Duke’s maintains service locations and capabilities across the country. It helps cities extend the life of their crucial infrastructure assets by employing a network of expert technician crews supported by a dedicated fleet of specialized equipment.

Bearing Advisors is working with Duke’s to make municipal policy makers more aware of the benefits of the comprehensive toolbox of solutions Duke’s has available and how the company can improve system management programs, reduce customer complaints, lower costs for utilities, and ultimately extend the life of this critical infrastructure.

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