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A Happier, Healthier Employee

The Prevent + Protect Benefits Program is helping municipal employers transform their employees’ health—physically, mentally, financially.

With 4 in 10 Americans suffering from one or more chronic diseases, employers are bearing the burden of soaring health care premiums. So, we’re helping cities and towns take a more proactive approach and support employees from a lens of total health — physical, mental, and financial.

By adding this proactive layer to your benefits package, your employees gain access to tech-enabled support for physical and mental wellness. As their employer, your city will save about $500 per employee each year, as well as lowering long-term health care costs over time.

Fill in the form to the right, and we’ll send more information. We’ll also have a team member reach out to answer any questions and help assess whether the Prevent + Protect Benefits Program is a good fit for your city.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, contact:

Emily White
833-270-2500 ext. 110