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For Immediate Release

Bearing Advisors, LLC Launches Consulting Services Business

April 23, 2020

Bearing Advisors, LLC announces the launch of its consulting services business to connect businesses with local governments. The firm will help its clients to market, sell, and manage value-added products and services that are offered to local governments and to work with governments’ association partners to promote the products and services. Its team members are trusted professionals who understand the cultures and needs of local governments. Drawing on decades of experience, Bearing Advisors will help business clients increase revenues, make connections, streamline and simplify operations, and avoid political missteps. Bearing Advisors also will assist local governments and their associations work with their private-sector business partners.

The Bearing Advisors team consists of six seasoned professionals with broad and deep experience in the local government market space and uniquely diverse and complimentary skills. They know how to work with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

  • Brad Carmichael is an entrepreneur and former vice president of business development in the local government market segment who also specializes in change management and process improvement.
  • Mike Conduff is a nationally recognized speaker and author with in-depth knowledge of city administration and city and nonprofit governance having served as a city manager for 24 years and an association leader.
  • Jim Hunt is a respected authority on all aspects of municipal government and regularly speaks and consults to cities and towns after serving 27 years in municipal government as mayor and city councilmember and President of the National League of Cities.
  • Mike Madden is a former state municipal league executive with expertise in local government finance, insurance, and risk management and is a seasoned sales executive focused on the local government market segment.
  • Phil Riley is an entrepreneur and former chief executive officer with expertise in all areas of business management, business development, and financial modeling.
  • Cathy Spain is an economist with experience in state government and the nonprofit sector specializing in association management, government finance and financial management, and government and public relations.

National League of Cities CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony congratulated Bearing Advisors on its launch and said, “Bearing Advisors brings together a diverse team that is well-known and well-respected in the municipal community for their integrity, expertise, and ability to get things done.”

Bearing Advisors, LLC is a Delaware-based company headquartered in the Pittsburgh, PA area with offices in Dallas, TX; the Baltimore-Washington area; Asheville, NC; and Charleston, SC.


Tabitha Riley, Operations Director
833-270-2500 ext. 8