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Bearing Advisors Partners with BRINC Drones

March 9, 2023

Bearing Advisors announces its new partnership with BRINC Drones (BRINC) to educate local policy makers on how their communities can greatly benefit from using drone technology and what policies they should implement to ensure successful adoption of this technology.

BRINC designs and manufactures powerful search and negotiation tools such as the Lemur drone and the BRINC ball that are designed to aid and protect tactical teams in high-risk situations. BRINC products are deployed by over 400 public safety agencies globally.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, the firm was founded by Blake Resnick, a Las Vegas native, who was motivated to find a way to improve public safety following the 2017 Mandalay Bay mass shooting in Las Vegas. The tragedy inspired Blake to build technology in the service of public safety and to work in close partnership with the Las Vegas Municipal Police Department SWAT in developing new technology tools.

The mission of BRINC is to save lives using a new paradigm of robotics and drone technology to change the way public safety and first responders act in life-threatening situations and to increase the odds of a mission being successful. In addition to saving lives, this new technology is a force multiplier in dangerous situations because it enables first responders to put eyes and ears in places that are too dangerous to send a person. All BRINC products are fully designed, made, and assembled in their Las Vegas and Seattle facilities – an investment in local sourcing and production. Visit

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